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Empowering you and your loved ones with access to cancer information and resources in your own community.

If you are looking for information about how to prevent cancer, get screened, diagnosed or treated for cancer, get support for yourself or a loved one who has survived cancer, or to learn about cancer research you've come to the right place. This portal will link you to cancer information, resources, services, and research in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties.

Our Vision

The Cancer ACCESS Consortium envisions a community where patients are empowered with information to make informed decisions about their health.

Our Mission

The mission of the Consortium is to provide access to information about clinical trials, cancer care, services, and resources to people in our catchment area (Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties) targeting underrepresented populations.

BWEL: Breast Cancer Weight Loss Study 

This study is being conducted at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute to evaluate whether losing weight by eating less and exercising lower the risk of recurrence among women who have been diagnosed with early breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer Survivor Survey

Are you a current or former participant in a Breast Cancer Support Group? Participate in a Research Study conducted by the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program, and share your experiences.

ABC: Aspirin for Breast Cancer 

The ABC study is being conducted at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute to assess if aspirin can prevent a recurrence or spread of breast cancer. This study is the first in the U.S. to study whether aspirin will keep breast cancer from recurring.